Huntwood Volume Purchasing

Volume Buying + Efficiency = Value

By working with the West’s Leading Custom Cabinet Manufacturer, you’re able to take advantage of volume buying power and superior production efficiencies... culminating in more value for your cabinet dollar.

Cabinet construction

Built To a Higher Standard

At Huntwood, you get more cabinet for your dollar. We use quality materials and components that many manufacturers offer only as upgrades...and furniture grade construction techniques like mortise and tenon doors, interlocking dado and rabbet fabrication.

Customize your cabinets

Customize Only What You Need

“Custom kitchens” are expensive, right? Huntwood lets you add custom features only where need them, while keeping 90% of your kitchen as basic as you wish. The net result is a dream kitchen on a dream budget.

More cabinet choices

More Choices = More Value

Instead of being restricted by pre-packaged options and limited choices, Huntwood’s “a la carte” system lets you match any door style with the wood, color and finish you desire. Our “flexibility” extends to the industry’s largest menu of modifications and accessories.