Huntwood order entry

Order Entry and Engineering

Each Bid Package order is processed with the utmost in care and accuracy. Then Engineering translates the design vision established for the project into very detailed instructions for the Production Team.

Cabinet styles

Customer Service

At Huntwood, “customer service” isn’t just a phrase, it’s a way of life. Our attentive CS Reps are there to help clear up any questions you may have, solve any problems that come up, and keep your order on time.

Shipping Huntwood Cabinets

Shipping Department

Huntwood’s Shipping Dept works diligently to keep your order complete and on time. Our huge fleet of Huntwood trucks are on the road seven days a week, from Seattle to San Diego, Vancouver to Saskatoon.

Field Services

Field Service

If you have any problems with Warranty issues after installation, our friendly, qualified and experienced Field Service technicians will make it right. Their goal is to ensure you are happy with your cabinets.