Updated Victorian


From Drawing to Completion

This house was a classic 1903 Victorian home that needed a change to include modern amenities, while maintaining the style. 

The kitchen had a beam that was to be wrapped, but looked odd by itself so the designer added an extra beam to compliment the look of the ceiling. 

Special inclusions were made with the chef of the house in mind, such as a custom knife pull-out and a spice pull-out in the island.

The builder entered this project in a remodel tour, which made this a very time-sensitive issue. The designer worked it out to get extra fast delivery, and even helped unloading the delivery so that the driver would not be tied up for too long.





Door Style: Wood Species: Color: Special Finish:
Avondale Heartwood Vanilla Artisan Brown
 Avondale.jpg   Heartwood.jpg   Vanilla.jpg   Artisan Brown.jpg 


  Door Style: Wood Species: Color:
  Avondale European Beech Autumn


 Avondale.jpg   European Beech.jpg   Autumn.jpg