Mirrored Floor Plans


From Drawing to Completion

This project belongs to a family who purchased an old house in disrepair, tore it down, and began a new build. This project includes two homes that share a common wall, and have identical but mirrored floor plans, each featuring different arrays of Huntwood cabinets.

The first floor serves as a mother-in-law suite with kitchenette and full bath. The second floor is where the main kitchen is found, plus a powder room. The third floor is where the bedrooms, master bath, hall bath, and laundry room are all located.





  Door Style: Wood Species: Color: Island Finish:
  Sonora Heartwood Colonial White Heirloom Dove

 Unit 1

 Sonora.jpg   Heartwood.jpg   ColonialWhite.jpg   HeirloomDove.jpg 
  Door Style: Wood Species: Color: Island Species: Island Color:
  Sonora Heartwood Colonial White Black Walnut Natural Enhanced

 Unit 2

 Sonora.jpg   Heartwood.jpg   ColonialWhite.jpg      Natural.jpg